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We are currently experiencing issues with our power supply at Berkeley Vale which is likely to affect communications and appointments this afternoon and in to the morning. If our computer servers are interupted this may also cause issue at our Long Jetty site. We are advised that the repair should hopefully be completed by tomorrow, Tuesday May 14. Our apologies if you have difficulty reaching us.

From November 1st 2023, we are making changes to our billing.

All existing patients that hold a valid concession or health care card will be bulk billed for standard face to face appointments. 

ALL telephone appointments will attract a fee. Telephone consults are available to patients who have visited in the last 6 months and need just an ongoing referral to a specialist OR an ongoing repeat script. It will be a requirement to have a phone consult that you have entered or confirmed your payment details via text link within 90 minutes of making the booking. Failure to do this may result in your appointment being cancelled.

When you book a telephone consult, you will receive a prompt on your phone to enter your payment details in to your Hotdoc account. Your details will be held securely by Stripe (Hotdoc's payment processing provider). Payment will be automatically taken after your appointment has completed. If your appointment is after 4pm, processing will occur the following day. Medicare will then deposit any applicable rebate in to your bank account details they hold.

For further information see

Appointments: Most consultations take about 10 to 15 minutes. If you think you require a longer time, please advise the receptionist when making the appointment. Please advise the receptionist if the appointment is for anything other than routine, such as for medicals for insurances or driving licences, minor surgical procedures, immunisations or cervical screening (previously PAP smears). The first consultation may also take a little extra time and may require a double appointment. If you cannot keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can reallocate your time.

Fees: This Practice is a private billing practice. Bulk-billing services may be available for existing patients that are Concession card holders and Veterans. All children under the age of 16 and all high school students 16-18 years will be bulk-billed on weekdays. All telephone appointments attract a fee and can only be utilised if patient utilises Hotdoc. On Saturdays all appointments will be fee paying. Private patients are asked to pay at the time of consultation. Payment may be made by cash, EFTPOS, Visa Card or Master Card. The Medicare rebate can be claimed on the same day - reception will advise of this procedure.

Facilities for people with disability: Entrances at both surgeries are suitable for wheelchair access. Both parking areas are ramped for easy access.

My Medicare

What Is MyMedicare?

MyMedicare is a new voluntary patient registration model. It aims to strengthen the relationship between patients, their general practice, general practitioner (GP) and primary care teams.


Why should I sign up to MyMedicare?

Evidence shows that seeing the same GP and healthcare team regularly leads to better health outcomes. Seeing your GP regularly and formalising the relationship you have with your GP and general practice through MyMedicare may lead to better health outcomes.

Further registration benefits for patients will continue to be added as part of our commitment to strengthening Medicare.


How Do I sign up to MyMedicare?

Signing up is really easy! You can do it in a couple of minutes on your phone!

  • Open up the Medicare Express App and follow the prompts under the heading MyMedicare.


  • login to mygov and follow the prompts under the heading MyMedicare.

Common Questions about MyMedicare

Is it compulsory to sign up?

No, registration is voluntary. However certain benefits will only be available to people have that have registered with us.


Does this mean I can only visit one surgery?

Evidence shows that seeing the same GP and healthcare team regularly leads to better health outcomes. But there is nothing stopping you from seeing another doctor if the situation arises eg. you are away on holiday.


Can I register at more than one surgery?

No, you can only be registered at one surgery at a time.


What if I move away or want to transfer to a different practice?

You can update your MyMedicare registration at any time. You can withdraw from the program, or transfer to another participating practice.


My question isn’t answered here

If you need more information, you can ask the reception team for a handout or visit

Need to see a doctor after hours?

Doctor home visits are now available by National Home Doctor Service from 6 pm weekdays, after 12 noon Saturdays, and 24hrs – Sunday and Public Holidays. This service is a bulk-billed service.
Phone 13 74 25

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